Attorney Robert A. Ferris is a practicing attorney and is as tried and true as one can hope for.  He is always on top of his cases, never fails to pick up the phone and is on call at all times.  Ferris "ad victoriam" phrase has become well known in his area as victory is what Attorney Ferris strives for with every appearance in court.  From settling cases with insurance companies trying to take advantage of those who need help the most, to going to trial on a criminal case, or litigating a debt dispute to a reasonable conclusion, Attorney Ferris has your interests forefront in his mind.  Quit is not something Attorney Ferris does no matter how small or big your case is, Attorney Ferris is there to get you what you need.  Please call Robert Ferris any time of day or night and he will be happy to set up a free consultation regarding your legal problems- big or small.


-Trial tested with litigation experience for when it counts

-Member of numerous county bars as well as the American Bar Association

-Federally Licensed and practicing 

-Current public defender/Bar Advocate

-Experience contracting on both sides of debt collection

-On call 24/7

-Published in magazines

-Two Avvo Peoples Choice awards